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Steps to create a page

  1. Add title for the page to auto generate a page url/slug
  2. Choose “Flexible Content” in the Page Template to show the flexible content blocks
  3. Click “Add Row” Button to show the Block Menu
  4. By default every block is set by full width of the page. But can be overridden by ticking the “Adjust Block”. This will add space on the right side when checked.
  5. When ticked, it will show the “Enable Sidenav” option. This will basically add the side nav at the right part of the page.
    1. Example of “Adjust Block” toggled OFF
    2. Example of “Adjust Block” toggled ON
    3. Example of “Enable Sidenav” toggled ON
  6. To show the “Discover The University” block toggle on the “Featured Pages”
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